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Dametric & Sheritta Shaw


Pastor Dametric and Lady Sheritta Shaw are God's chosen for this season. They have been happily married over 18 years with 3 vibrate sons: Zavier, Zalen, and Zachary. 

Pastor Shaw has served in various offices on local and state levels including choir director and youth pastor. In 2002, he began his first term as pastor in the Republic of Korea (ROK) where he ministered to both Soldiers and civilians. From 2007-2009, Pastor Shaw was leader of the Camp Taji Ministry Center as well as a Ugandan Christian Fellowship. After his military service, Pastor Shaw was led to devote more time to his family and accept the call of further ministry in the state of Alabama. He holds a Bachelors of Business from Faulkner Christian University and further graduate studies at Ashland Theological Seminary.


Sheritta Shaw was taught to love and adore God at a very early age. Lady Shaw has served in various capacities on ministry including: Young Women's Christian Council (YWCC), Sunday School teacher, Youth Ministry coordinator,and conference organizer. God has anointed Lady Shaw to show young women how to exemplify the presence and power of the Holy Spirit through foundational principles that are represented in integrity and illustrated through character. 


Together with the members of Victory Church, their God-given agenda is to spread the wonderful news of the Kingdom through the power of love.



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